“Homeless First”: a Liberated Lens documentary about the homeless encampment, First They Came For The Homeless

Here_There_Screening_Flyer_Final_COLORPPMovieNight-July 12, 2019-01CaringforCommunity_filmscreening_ONLINEFINAL .00_00_07_08.Still001This documentary, a Liberated Lens original production, follows the Berkeley encampment known as “First They Came for the Homeless,” a group fighting for the right to live in tents within a self-sustaining community. After BART, with assistance of the city, evicted the group from their space, they went to court to fight back. Several residents share their personal stories, views on homeless activism, and ideas about organizing a self-governed, shared community. The majority of voices and opinions in this film come from within the group itself.

Directed by

anka_camera_model    Anka Karewicz

Travis Schirmer Photo    Travis Schirmer