In the Omni Commons

Omni Kitchen Fundraiser:

We launched a crowdfunding campaign on December 21st, 2017 to raise $70,000 to upgrade the professional kitchen in the basement! It will become the primary kitchen for East Bay Food Not Bombs, who serve hot meals to hundreds 6 days a week, as well as Phat Beets Produce, who train youth in food-based entrepreneurship, steward a community garden and farmer’s market, and run a local CSA. It will also be made available at sliding scale to the community and for event catering in our ballroom. Video produced by Liberated Lens.

Startup Fundraiser:

Our first production together (under the previous name of Optik Allusions) was the Omni Common’s crowdfunding video.

During the campaign, our members variously produced a series of shorts called “Omni In 30 Seconds”.

Counter Culture Labs

Shortly after the Omni Commons’ campaign, we produced a crowdfunding video for another Omni collective, Counter Culture Labs. (Editing and visual effects by Marc Juul of Counter Culture Labs)