20190320_205257Dennis Terry

director, producer, photographer, curator

Dennis has 20 years of experience working with cooperatives in the Bay Area, including co-founding Mandela Foods Cooperative in Oakland and member of NOBAWC (The Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives). As a member of Liberated Lens film, he has written, produced and directed PSAs and served as a videographer for non-profits video projects. Dennis also volunteers as a camera operator at OWH Studios in West Oakland.

Anka b&wAnka Karewicz

photographer, filmmaker

Born and raised in Poland, Anka started taking photos after being gifted her first camera at the age of 16. She has since been participating in grassroots media collectives that create documentaries on important social issues. She conducted trainings for youth and fellow immigrants in Chicago and Oakland and created many short documentaries and one feature film, “Broken Windows, Open Doors”. She recently  produced and edited “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” worked as one of the camera operators on “Couper Was Here,” and is currently a cinematographer on a feature fiction film, “Elephant”.

1V5A7272-AfterShirah Dedman

director, producer, editor, programmer, strategist

After dropping out of high school at 15, she became a licensed attorney by the age of 23 yet subsequently found herself un/under-employed. But through perseverance, she built a career that included positions at William Morris Agency, DirecTV, and Paramount Pics. But after her last layoff, she decided to relentlessly pursue her true passion: creating content at the intersection of economics, race and the environment. Shirah is a 2018-2019 Associate of the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley and of the Equal Justice Initiative. She’s a member of KPFA Radio’s Local Station Board, and the Programming Committee of its parent organization, Pacifica Foundation.

Robb Benson

audio / visual engineer, motion graphics

Whether it’s running sound or live video capture at events, or creating animated vectors, Robb is a jack-of-all-trades.

geraldGerald Smith

activist, organizer

A self-identified socialist and police accountability activist, Gerald has played a role in several major movements in the East Bay: He has helped organize anti-apartheid protests at UC Berkeley, been a founding member of Copwatch, sat on the Oscar Grant Committee, and coordinated the efforts of Occupy Oakland.

Nick Lyell

Nick Lyell

films, edits, writes, directs

Nick often investigate themes of power relationships and moral inclusion in his fiction and nonfiction film-making. His films have been part of the official selection at the DC Black Film Festival and the North Carolina Environmental Film Festival. A short documentary, E – Our E-Waste Problem was a top 5 finalist of the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival. Nick is currently working on a feature-length documentary, False Alarm, covering the real threats exposed by the false missile alert in Hawaii in 2018.