BLACK DIASPORA: May 19th, 2019

Screening of short films on Black experience outside of the USA:

Beverley follows a mixed race girl’s struggle to carve out a sense of identity in a confusing, shifting cultural landscape – 1980 Leicester. A move from the decaying, poverty-stricken, urban environment to the relative comfort and theoretical safety of white suburbia does not provide the hope and opportunities Bev may have wished for.



Two films on racism by Amin Nour, member of the Black Italian film collective in Rome.

Ambaradan, 14:55

Story of a Black 20-year-old, Luca, from the Roman suburbs, who, with his fascist friends, spares no occasion to be violent and take it out on foreigners, despite his origins.

Guess Who I Bring You For Dinner, 11:45

Mohamed, a 25-year-old boy born in Rome, but of African descent, is on his way to meet his girlfriend’s family.


  • Wakamba Forever, Kenya, 8:39

A witty comedy set in 1895 when Chief Masaku met McMillan, an emissary of the Queen of England.

Food at 4:30pm
Film at 5pm

Discussion with Aldane Walters, radio host of Feel Alright

& Marna Paintsil Anning, Community Organizer, will follow the screening.

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