BLACK Film Series

Liberated Lens will host a free film series commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the first Africans brought to present day America. The series will feature an event every third Sunday of the month starting February, for Black History Month, and ending in August, which marks the quadricentennial.

The film series is the brain child of Dennis Terry, a 50-year Oakland resident, film historian and Liberated Lens member. “It’s been 400 years and the conditions have changed, but we’re still at the margins of the system. And so we need to be reminded, if only to respect our struggle for dignity.”

Each event will include a film screening and will hold space for meaningful community discussion. The film series will highlight different aspects of the Black experience including labor rights, racial inequity, women’s issues, asexuality and contributions to global art and culture.

The program is free thanks to funding by the Akonadi Foundation.